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    Ashley Furniture - Dont make a mistake and buy from them

    I went to Ashley’s of Midland on October 4th to purchase furniture for my whole house.After picking out what I wanted I went to the front to do the paperwork and just prior to giving them the credit card, I was informed that it would be 2-6 weeks before it could be delivered.

    I told Alex (My Salesman) that I could not wait that long and I would cancel and go elsewhere. Alex asked me to give him a few minutes to see what he could do about getting the date moved up. He went to talk with George the manager on duty at the time, George said he made some phone calls and found all then furniture that I ordered and would guarantee delivery within 2 weeks. I did get delivery 13 days later but I did not get the couch for the living room, my sons twin bed came without the foot board which made the bed unusable because it is part of the frame and they charged and sent me a full size mattress for the twin bed, 2 out of three bar stools came but they were both damaged so had to go back, the hutch for my desk did not make it but a desk that I did not order but was charged for came, the dining room server/table didn’t make it , and they sent and charged me for a queen box spring which can’t be used on the bed I ordered.

    I called the store to find out what happened and was informed by Alex that he would check into it and call me right back. I did not receive a phone call back and went to the store the following day October 18 and I was told he was not in so I talked with George the manager again and he promised me he would check into it and find out what happened. After me making several calls to Ashley’s with no one calling me back I again went to the store to find out what was happening with the furniture I ordered and the credit due to me for the furniture the charged me for that I didn’t order. Needless to say I am quite annoyed with them by now and while I was talking to Alex a man that identified himself as Sam the brand new general manager stepped in and personally guaranteed he would look into it and call me back on October 23rd as I had come to expect from anyone in that store I did not receive a phone call back so I called him again on Oct 25th and he apologized saying he was working on it and had to get with his vice president to get it squared away because there were so many problems with the order.

    Once again he promised and guaranteed he would call me back that day. As usual no one called me back.

    I am in management myself and I know that the employees can’t be any better than the management they work under and this store has been the worst shopping experience I have ever dealt with I use to think that buying a new car was the worst but that doesn’t hold a candle to dealing with Ashley’s.I strongly suggest that you shop elsewhere and avoid the headache I wish I would have.

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    Ashley Furniture - WARRANTY SCAM

    We purchased thousands of dollars worth of furniture from Ashley in Jacksonville, FL and the salesperson told us it would be a good investment to protect our furniture by purchasing a protection plan from Montage Furniture Service.The leather began to split just months later at the poor-quality seams and when we called MFS, they told us emphatically that they don't cover things like that.

    In fact, everything is at "their discretion", meaning they cover NOTHING. It is a scam.

    We gave Ashley and MFS hundreds of dollars for nothing.Ashley should not associate with this fraudulent company and should not allow their salespersons to lie about the coverage.

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    Ashley furniture delivery being delayed

    I purchased a bedroom set. 21 September 2013.Was told it would be delivered 19 October 2013, and of course I looked up all the reviews after i got a call 4 days before the delivery date that it would get delayed. Reason being they are missing parts to bed and it's going to take another month to get delivered.
    Problem is I trusted every word that came out of sales person's mouth and booked flight tickets for our wedding which is 1 week after the day actual delivery date.

    I called 1800 number and explained what my situation is and if there is anyway we can solve this problem. The answer simply "NO" there was no explanation but just "NO" . Maybe the guy had bad day or tired of dealing with complaints of delays but definitely was not the way to deal with customer and sounded like it's not their problem. Then he transferred the call to the local store I went. Explained my situation again and spoke to the manager. The guy said He will see what he can do and call me back in 15 min. It's been 18 hours and I got no calls back.

    I will visit the store today, and cancel my order.
    Some people might say it's only a month delay. However, i planned 4 months of trip after the wedding and I'll be sleeping in empty house for the time being. Who knows how long.

    I hope this letter goes to everybody who is thinking about buying Ashley furniture and don't have to go through all this trouble. I will defend myself from their policy and get whoever I need to involved if I have to. If they think they're losing 1 customer, that's a mistake. I will make sure it doesn't happen to my family, friends, and all the people I know.

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    Ashley Furniture - Poor quality of Couch & Bed and protection plan is waste of money

    Within 2-3 years, the Couch started to fall apart and all 3 bed started making creaking noise. I had bought their purchase protection plan. So, called them up. The whole experience was horrible.
    1. They would NOT call you back or respond to you on time. It took me two weeks just to talk to someone.
    2. They would NOT send anyone to take a look at the issue.
    3. I kept going in circles for almost about 3 months, trying to get the issue resolved over phone.
    4. Finally, I went to the store and was told that they are sorry, they have been having issues with their protection warranty company. They have recently changed the company. So, it will be better. The store staff promised that they will get back and take care of the issue.
    5. Then nobody called up for 2 months. I kept following up but would NOT get a response.
    6. After lot of efforts, I again managed to talk to someone only to be rudely told that we don't cover these issues and they are your responsibility.
    I want buyers to be aware of 2 issues
    A) Poor quality for their leather couches and bed make noises within 2-3 years
    B) Their protection plan does NOT cover anything and do NOT buy it
    C) Their staff is very rude.
    Never ever going back to Ashley furniture.

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    Ashley Furniture - did not get my promised delvery date or items

    Called several times to move my delivery date up, we couldn't due to work schedules.The day before the delivery date, they called to say they don't deliver to our town.

    I called the sales rep and the company in Texas and had that all fixed but it was moved to 4 days later. They called again 2 days before the rescheduled delivery time to say not all our items were available to deliver. Promised a customer bonus, like a rug or another end table.

    Called a day before deliver to ask wether a floor model would work for us.By the time I was able to get thru on the phone, this option wasn't available anymore

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    Ashley Furniture - Ashley in Newark, DE - Thumbs Down!

    Like so many other reviews posted, I made a BIG mistake buying from Ashley Furniture. The problem is the warehouse located in Newark, Delaware. When the furniture was delivered (loveseat, recliner and sofa - all power, 2 end tables, coffee table and two lamps), one of the delivery guys was very rude. He walked in like he owned the place and not even a greeting. They damaged the loveseat, couch and recliner by scratching them going up the stairs and into the door. This also left unsightly damage to the door entrance. When I suggested that they do more to protect the furniture in the future, he had the nerve to as me "how". He's the delivery person and had to ask ME how. What a joke. I told him to wrap the furniture in the blankets they had in the truck. Then he asked me how would the blankets stay on. What a joke! I told him to use the rope (also in the truck) to tie it around the blanket. He shut up after that, but this only the beginning of my nightmare.

    All the tables have swirl marks, smudges, outright scratches and a noticeable dent in one of the end tables. I was told the swirl marks are "normal". It's obvious they were used. I called Ashley about repair or replacement. They have missed multiple appointments (both telephone call-backs and visits) and not even called to reschedule. I had to consistently call them after they missed the appt. The manager was a nice guy, but VERY forgetful. They came out to look at it (after they missed an appt that I had to call them about), then came out to try some swirl remover (again, after another missed appointment that I had to call them about). The swirl remover did not remove the swirls. Then they said they would order new table tops and have them delivered to my residence. Two weeks passed, nothing. I call them to ask about the delivery, they said they would check and call me right back. Two days passed, nothing. I called them, yet again, and was told that the separate table tops were not an option. So tell me why didn't they call me when the found this out??? Makes it so bad is that the manager told me (on his previous visit) that he had already ordered one of the table tops. Only a couple weeks ago did the manager get a hold of 1 tabletop and replace the one that was dented. His doing that was the only thing that kept this being a 1 star review. He also said he would escalate the other table issues to his boss. Since then I've tried speaking to the main manager, but he always has left early. I give up.

    I don't know about other Ashley stores, but communication with the customer is non existent with this warehouse in Newark DE. They answer the phone, but not much after that. Either way. Absolutely the worse customer relations I've ever experienced. All I can do at this point is sell this stuff at a loss, buy GOOD tables and send complaint letters.

    If you live in Delaware, I strongly recommend that you don't buy from Ashley furniture! Save yourself some money and a headache. If you must, then don't let the delivery guys rush you to sign for the delivery like the did to me. Inspect the furniture thoroughly because coming from Ashley (and from reading other reviews), it's automatically suspect. If you notice damage, don't sign! Make them take it back immediately.

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    Ashley Furniture - Leather Couch Smells Terrible -- Causing nausea

    We just purchased a leather sofa sectional from Ashley Furniture and cannot tell you how disappointed we are.First they delivered the wrong sectional pieces, then said we had to wait a month to get the right pieces (I even drew a floor plan so the sales man could see where the pieces would go) and now, we are dealing with this smell that is causing nausea and headaches.

    I have no idea what the smell is, or why it is so strong, but I feel like it is something they put on the couch to perserve it. I have never, ever experienced a smell this strong with any couches I have purchased in the past -- nor have any of my family members.

    We spent nearly 3,000 on the sectional and now can't enjoy it without feeling miserable.I wish wish wish I never went to Ashely!

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    Mattress has a ridge running down the center of mattress

    Mattress is the most uncomfortable mattress we have ever slept on and we have had a few being married 51 years. The ridge in the middle of the mattress is annoying and I cannot push it out each morning to make the mattress flat at it should be.

    Is there anything we can do to correct this problem? A refund or replacement would be much appreciated.

    We have checked with the store and they said nothing could be done because it has be over thirty days. We agree but we thought our bodies could adjust to this mattress but to no available.

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    Ashley Furniture - My blended leather sofa is all cracking & it is only 2 years old

    My sofa is only 2 years old is cracking like crazy.We have no children at home & no pets.

    I use the sofa & the loveseat while my husband usually sits in his lazy boy chair. They told me if I used anything like a condition on it the set would turn white & when I spoke to the sales person he said you could & should have used leather condition on it so how is telling the truth.

    I am not a happy person.I could understand this if it were misused but with 2 elderly people in the house it isn't.

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    Ashley Couch and Loveseat

    My wife wanted this beautiful Couch and Loveseat combo, a very pretty set .But after a short time found that the cushions were terrible ( stayed flat ) after sitting or laying on them .

    We contacted the Ashley company and they replaced them with the same poor quality cushions that we already had . I spent money and had the quilt batting off the foam cushion and adding more to the foam on two of the cushions [ Helped some ] . Ashley cut corners on the quality of the cushions and that's what the main problem is . Beware: Do not Buy Ashley furniture -- It's junk!

    We have learned an important lesson: It's terrible they have to make something that is so pretty and is worthless.

    Just causes them to lose customers .

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