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    Ashley Furniture - Ashley Home Furniture-Northern NJ

    Went to the store in Northern NJ. The sales associate approached me as soon as I walked in. Needless to say, I have been there numerous times, and the parking lot is never crowded, and I am talking during the middle of the day. I told the sales associate I wanted to look around.. Within 5 minutes, and for the next 35 minutes at about intervals of 2 minutes, there was my salesperson again.. The sales person at one point heard what i was looking for, and pushed me to their package section:. The prices were competitive, the material terrible/. A sort of one size fit all offer". In addition, when the sales person got me in to the package sections, one of the bosses came around and gave 'high-fives' and 'words of encouragement';.
    The sales person explained numerous ways to pay; and finance options!. The sales person told me about their layaway plan, none of which sounded legitimate...all of the salespersons words and ideas, and none of it in writing. In addition, when I asked the salesperson about delivery and set up, i was told delivery was included not set up. The sales person then told me 'but if you slip the drivers a few extra bucks' then they will 'probably do it'. In addition the sales person told me about local liquor stores that had great liquor to party with on my new furniture.
    I also noticed other salespersons who were bullying and talking down to customers, talking to them in glee that the other customers did not qualify for any special offers, and trying to hard sell the customers through intimidation...and yet, again, no one else was in the store.
    It was basically like going to a car dealership to buy furniture..except that most people in my neck of the woods are too savvy and ethical to always know that if it 'smells like it, and 'it sounds like it', it probably is it' from top to bottom.

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    Ashley Furniture - Does not honor warranty

    We bought two recliners.They had a limited warranty on the springs!.

    We had two springs that broke in one of the chairs,. We called customer service they said they would send someone out for $87.00 to inspect and see if it was a manufacturing defect,. I said, I only wanted the two springs, I did not need them installed|. They called back and said the item was discontinued and they could not get the parts even though the warranty was still within the time frame,.

    I consider this the poorest form of customer service!

    They did not even attempt to help us solve our problem, just blew us off. Bad form for a company that spends in the millions advertising to get customers in their store and then will not take care of them when they have even a simple problem !!!!!We intend to make it our personal mission to make the public aware of the horrible customer service!

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    Ashley Furniture - Late Delivery

    I bought furniture from Ashley and they were all so nice and sweet.Once I made the deal and gave them my address.

    Believe it or not the delivery came after 3 weeks. On top of that my order included bed, Table, 3 Seat Sofa and love seat and 2 lamps. I was told by the guys sent by Ashley that I have to collect the lamps myself from some warehouse in Pasadena. Then they said oh we don't have the stuff we need to assemble your bed.

    We were just told to deliver it... I called Ashley so they said YES U HAVE TO COLLECT THE LAMPS YOURSELF AND WE WILL ORDER SOME THINGS WE NEED TO ASSEMBLE YOUR BED WHICH WILL TAKE 3 BUSINESS DAYS TO ORDER ONLINE... In the end I picked my lamps up and assembled them. This was June 7 2013.

    As of today 8/03/13 the bed is still sitting in my room only in parts. I received in mail the stuff that they needed, probably nuts and bolts". They said well we will send someone next Saturday. What the *** is this..

    I have never seen such a low service quality". I told them why don't u tell the customers during the time of deal making that he/she will have to wait for 2 months in order to get the furniture they order.. Gallery furniture I heard delivers the same day'. I will never ever do business with Ashley..

    Neither should you:. Save your time and money.

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    Ashley Furniture - Horrible Place To Do Business With

    Do not buy furniture from Ashley Furniture HomeStore.Their sales people lie to try to get you to buy their Extended Warranty by claiming all the crazy things they cover and how Ashley will repair or replace the furniture.

    My sectional that I bought started to peel and flake very badly. I went to the store to use the extended warranty (which costed an additional $200). I was told that they don't handle the extended warranty and that its through a third party company called Montage Furniture. Something the salesperson failed to mention.

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    I called them and they told me they don't cover any of the things the sales person said and that he shouldn't have said any of that. I went back to the store to speak to the manager and he stated there is nothing they can do for me. Even though the furniture is a little over a year old and flaking horribly, they don't cover that. He stated it doesn't matter what the sales person said, it's not in the contract of the extended warranty".

    So I'm under the impression Ashley's allows their sales people to lie to get you into an extended contract.. After showing him pics of how bad the couch is, he stated that Ashley's furniture is of superior quality?. Really? Such good quality that they don't stand behind them,.

    What really irritates me is that I have 2 more years of payments to make on this couch and I get to watch it deteriorate day by day with each payment:. The couch will look great forever as long as you plan to never ever sit on it/. Such horrible quality! Don't shop here and go to a place that stands behind their product and honors their warranty their sales people are selling:.

    Also on a side note, if you post anything negative on their facebook page, they delete it promptly instead of addressing the issue'. This should speak volumes of their customer service.

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    i have heard a lot about Ashley Furniture, but have not buy pieces from it.

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    Ashley Furniture - peeling leather

    Here are the pictures of the damage furniture I purchase from Ashley Furniture. I'm very upset with the life of these pieces of furniture. I look forward to someone reaching out to me so this matter can be resolved. I do have more pictures if needed please let me know.Please respond as soon as possible so i want have to pursue this claim further. Because i certainly believe that this company will do the right thing.


    Click image for larger version. 

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    Ashley Furniture - Fraudulent Warranty & Business Practices

    We purchased a leather furniture set with an extended warranty that the salesman said covered "Everything Top-To-Bottom".When some areas of the furniture showed the leather damaged from spills or vomit or other unknown causes, the company refused to fix it.

    They did replace the damaged piece, but finally produced a warranty sheet that has numerous "exclusions" that render the extended warranty useless and again is not "Everything is covered Top-To-Bottom" like the salesman told us.If you're smart do not buy any extended warranty full of convenient exclusions, but if you're really smart, buy anywhere but from Ashley Furniture.

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    Ashley's Furniture Homestore does NOT Honor Warranties

    DO NOT SHOP Ashley Furniture HomeStore! On 02/10/2012, we bought a living room set, including sofa, loveseat, chair and ottoman. Our total came to $1493.02. This purchase was made With it, we purchased a Montage Protection program, that our salesman stated that we had FIVE YEARS to make a claim. He also stated that delivery would come from Montage and their people would assist in moving the old furniture.

    When they arrived for delivery, they refused to do so. They stated that wasn't part of their job description. My brother ended up having to assist in moving the furniture, while the delivery guys sat there and waited for it to be done. UNACCEPTABLE, but we got our new furniture.

    After regular family use, on 08/26/13, I made a claim for regular furniture cleaning. We filled out the paperwork and mailed it to the address ("Mail to:") on the sheet. It was returned to us because it did not have "Montage" on the envelope.

    On 09/05/13, the same sheets were then faxed to 800-966-5574. We later discovered they did not receive them.

    On 09/09/13, we did our THIRD ATTEMPT to fax the paperwork to Montage and this time they confirmed receipt. A female named Geri stated it would be scanned in and they would get back to us within 2-3 days.

    On 09/10/13, our claim was DENIED. Because we passed the "14" day of first noticing our problem, it fell outside of the problem reporting period. OUR SALESMAN DID NOT TELL US ABOUT A 14 DAY REPORTING WINDOW - ONLY THE 5 YEARS TO USE!!

    I called Ashey Furniture Homestore in Pearland that same day and spoke to Lorenzo. I asked what was the point of the 5 year warranty if we were not notified of the 14 window period. I automatically assumed we have 5 years from the date of purchase to make a claim, which is what was presented to us. Lorenzo agreed that it was the correct policy, but that he would get with Montage to see if something could be worked out. Lorenzo stated Montage would call and speak to us, but that did not happen.

    That same evening, I called Lorenzo back to inform him Montage did not call back. He stated that he would call them again and see what was the delay.

    On 09/11/13, Lorenzo called back and stated Montage would not budge on cleaning the furniture because of the 14 day noticing policy. I then went back to see if I could get a refund or store credit for the $169.95 spent on this worthless purchase. A female employee did call Montage to check the status of our claim. Montage informed her that it was still denied. The female at Ashley informed me that she did not know anything about the 14 day window. I was then told I would have to wait the 5 years to get my money back. Because of yet another letdown, I called Corporate Office in New Braunsfels and spoke to Robert S. He presented himself as being in charge of the Texas stores. After explaining the situation to Robert, he stated that he would address the issue with Montage head management, that he has seen this situation before and there was a way to get the money back from Montage. Robert stated he would call me back.

    At 3pm today, still no word from Robert, so I called Robert. He was unavailable and left a last name. When I asked for his last name for my notes, I was told that information could not be given. I have no idea if he was indeed anyone from management since Robert is a common name.

    At 6pm today, Robert returned my call. He stated that we were back at Square 1 because Montage refuses to clean our furniture!

    This is a total DISSATISFACTION from Ashley Furniture. How can you represent yourselves as a company"committed to you, our customer, and want to ensure you have an excellent experience when shopping at our stores" when all you do is make a phone call and say "oh well" if your vendors can't honor their end of the sale. Again, as your website states, "We understand how important your furniture purchase is, and our store associates are trained and prepared to offer the highest levels of service at each step in your shopping process." That is TOTALLY FALSE! If it is true, then I would like someone to contact me ASAP to see about either cleaning our furniture or giving back our money because if your employees do not know about the 14 time window of filing claims, how is the general public supposed to know?!

    We were thinking of going back to buy furniture for the 3 bedrooms, but after this experience, I do not think that will happen, and I will make sure that word is spread not to shop at a store that will NOT HONOR customer satisfaction

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    Ashley Furniture - Warranty IS A SCAM!

    We purchased a bonded leather sofa set from Ashley Furniture in Layton, Utah in October of 2012.Until last week the furniture was fine, no complaints.

    We agreed to purchase the warranty because we have pets. The warranty SPECIFICALLY covers pet urine, ***, stomach fluid or blood. While on our vacation last week, our house sitter closed the door to our cats litter box, kitty used our loveseat as a litter box for a day. (super gross) but the warranty COVERS cat urine, thankfully!

    So i call and make an appointment. The soonest they can get a tech out is two weeks!? When the tech arrives, before he even sees the loveseat says "i can tell you right now i am not going to be able to clean it, the warranty doesn't cover smells" what?! our loveseat is dark brown leather, the urine is obviously dry, it been two weeks!

    Tech says he can't clean the urine because he can't see it!!!! are you kidding me?! it's blatantly obvious where kitty peed! But because the sofa is a dark color he can't clean it...???

    had the sofa been white he could clean it, (furniture racism? WTF)but because he cant see the dry pee he wont touch it. I call the warranty department back and the woman tells me that he was right, he does not have to uphold the warranty that specifically says that it covers cat urine because he can not see the stain. I told her fine, i will have a black light and show specifically where the cat peed, schedule another appointment.

    again, two weeks is the soonest they can get a tech out! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? ABSOLUTE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED!! I am not finished fighting this war.

    We paid for the warranty specifically because it covered pet bodily fluids! Next stop, Ashley Furniture Corporate Offices (don't expect much from them either, but I am not going to quit until they uphold their end of the warranty!)what a GIANT waste of money!!

    save your time AND money!if you live in Utah go to RC Willey or anywhere other than Ashley Furniture!!

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