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Thread: Rustic Seating

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    Rustic Seating

    The first piece of rustic furniture that Steve ever made was an entry way bench for his house. Half way thru the project someone stopped and offered an irresistible price for the bench. Since then, Steve has yet to experience the joy of owning one of his own. Typical craftsman dilemma! Steve seizes the opportunity to enjoy his chairs in the shop while listening to news before delivery. The first bench ever made is among the pictures on this page…see if you can pick it out.
    There is a geometry to sitting…that he came to understand, while he was making Westport chairs. And it is that real understanding of the geometry, that makes Steve’s Rustic chairs, so darn comfortable. It all started with the Westport chair. And, his triangular shaped rustic chair frame, pays homage to the Westport chair, designed at Stony Sides in Westport, New York, more than 100 years ago
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    I am totally shocked to watch your rustics furniture collections which you have published over here. I think you are a very experienced furniture maker and you have great ideas about rustics furniture. I really want to know some effective techniques for making this furniture.
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