Our goal is to provide our customers with an excellent availability of woods from our Northern California woods. We offer you acres of inventory of salvaged Sequoia redwood, maple, myrtle, madrone, manzanita and yew, selling our solid woods to woodworkers, turners, carvers, and rustic furniture makers of the world. We offer many solid wood specialties in all sizes and shapes, including Redwood Burl slabs for manufacturing executive desks, custom fireplace mantles, extra large redwood burl slabs, coffee table slabs, rustic dining and conference room tables with or without bases, counter and bar tops, turning blanks, carving blocks, live-edged beams and much more. Our family business has been cutting Sequoia redwood and other woods in our mills for over 40 years. Our solid redwood slabs and blocks -- whether cut from tree sections, free-form burls or roots -- have been used for creative projects including: fireplace mantels; mantel shelves; conservatory furniture; doors; headboards; footboards; signs; picture frames; wall hangings; carvings; burl flooring; veneer and more. We have shipped hundreds of truck and container loads of our woods all over the world, selling directly at a reasonable price because we are salvage loggers, not middlemen. Due to the large volume of wood we sell, the price we can usually offer for shipping is often a pleasant surprise to our customers. Tree sections or stump tops -- left behind by loggers 100 or more years ago and now salvaged by us -- are shipped to our customers worldwide and our shipments can vary anywhere from 50 to 50,000 pounds, and sometimes they can be even larger. Fireplace mantels for indoor or outdoor hearths with kitchens are our newest products and they are quickly becoming one of the best-selling products we've ever had. Please be sure to bookmark us and check back because we update photographs on our fireplace mantel pages and many other pages throughout our web site almost daily. Our saws and sanders are constantly working to make new pieces available for you to choose from. We're glad you stopped by! Please browse through our online inventory and enjoy your stay. We are always pleased to email you extra photographs for your special project -- we have so much more than what is pictured on these pages! We are available after hours for telephone calls to discuss finishing, pricing, shipping and any other questions you may have.

200 Aldergrove Road
Arcata, CA 95521