Build your own log furniture, log railings, and other rustic log projects with the

E-Z Log Tenon Cutter
E-Z Log Sink

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The E-Z Log Tenon Cutter is easily adjustable to cut

1" up to 2.5" diameter tenons at the ends of logs and branches for building log furniture, railings, and other rustic log projects.

No longer do you need to buy several specific sized pencil-sharpener types of tenon cutters, each costing about the same (or more) as the E-Z Log Tenon Cutter.
I spent a small fortune on purchasing four different sized pencil-sharpener cutters, and I still use them once in a while when I need a tenon under an inch diameter. What I have found is that it is very difficult to hold your drill steady throughout the cut. When I use those cutters I always have to make sure I have extra wood.
It is so easy to make a perfect tenon with the E-Z Tenon Cutter.
You don't have to worry about gouging out the tenon.
The pre-drilled pilot hole provides the perfect solution to keeping your drill steady. Check out the videos below. You'll see what I mean.
With the E-Z Log Tenon Cutter, it is easy to make a nice, tight joint by simply placing the forstner or flat bit that you will be using to drill the mortises, directly onto the EZT, slide the two adjustment bars to match your bit, and tighten the two hex screws. I encourage you to download the manual below for photos and more information. There is no need to print it out, as a copy is provided with each order. Save your ink.
For a more solid, finished and professional look, use the E-Z Log Sink to countersink the mortise to match the shoulder of the tenon.

The E-Z Tenon Cutter is easily adjustable to cut 1" up to 2.5" diameter tenons at the ends of logs and branches. The easiest way to make a tight joint is to place the forstner or flat bit you're going to be using to drill the mortises directly on the adjustment bar and tighten the arms of the cutter.

The drill guide, which inserts into a pre-drilled pilot hole ensures that your tenon is cut perfectly straight. No wobbling. No gouged-out tenons like pencil type cutters. A 3/8" pilot hole is required to be drilled at the end of the log or branch first. I provide the drill bit for you to make the pilot hole so you can get started right away.

The E-Z Tenon cutter blades are made from hardened steel. They are very sharp, and will remain sharp for a long time. When one side gets a little dull, use the included hex wrench to remove it and flip it over to use the other side of the blade. There is another double sided blade mounted onto the arm of the cutter, so you have a spare. If you ever need more, just order below. Free shipping on replacement blades.

Two blades are included with each cutter, thereby providing 4 cutting edges. Tools are included to change blades.

E-Z Tenon Cutter will fit any 1/2" drill. It is recommended that you use a variable speed drill with a side handle for extra support, especially when using the E-Z Log Sink. It is best to start slow, and gradually add torque, especially when working with hard wood.

Cuts a 45 tapered shoulder.

Will accept logs up to about 4.5" in diameter. For larger logs use a draw knife to taper end of log to fit the cutter.

Maximum tenon length is approximately 3.5"

The E-Z Sink countersinks the mortise shoulder at a 45 angle to match the shoulder of the E-Z Tenon.

E-Z Sink comes with two bushings for typical mortise sizes. One is 1-1/2" diameter, and the other is 2". More sizes may be available soon. You simply put either size bushing onto the end of the E-Z Sink, and tighten the hex screw. The size is milled a few 1000'ths less than the size of a mortise drill bit size so that it will not bind up when countersinking.

Both bushings can be stored on tool during use.

For customers who bought the E-Z Tenon cutter before the E-Z Log Sink was available, please contact me for a discount if you want the E-Z Log Sink.