In the fall of 1991, we opened our first of six retail stores selling traditional furniture. Shortly thereafter, we discovered a log bed.

At that time few people knew what log beds were and even fewer had seen them. The attention our bed received confirmed our hunch that a rustic furniture retail industry was about to launch. During the next two years as we grew, we struggled with various builders of log furniture, which had become our primary product. Poor quality, fluctuating prices and missed deadlines for delivery were having an adverse effect on our growth.

So we decided to start our own manufacturing business.
We knew all the challenges of retailing and determined to create a business based on quality workmanship, fair pricing, "on time" delivery schedules and excellent customer service.
In 1993 we opened our own manufacturing facility, and as word spread, we started building furniture for other retailers throughout the country. Because of the growing demand for log and rustic furniture, we eventually closed our retail business to concentrate on wholesaling. Having been in retail has definitely helped us empathize with and meet the needs of our loyal customers.
During the past seventeen years, we at Utah Mountain Furniture have become firmly positioned as one of the most prominent and respected rustic funiture manufacturers in the country. We were chosen to furnish a major venue at the 2002 Olympics and were chosen by QVC as one of the best fifty products in Utah on their "50 in 50 Tour". Additionally we have provided furniture for Hollywood movies sets and Off Broadway productions as well as Government use in our national parks across the country.

From coast to coast and in Hawaii and Alaska, our furniture is found in primary and vacation properties, hotel, motels, bed and breakfasts and a variety of lodges, resorts and restaurants, offices and specialty stores and innumerable other commercial locations.

Today we specialize in a wide selection of rustic furniture and offer many design choices. The wood we use includes recycled barnwood, aspen and smooth peeled and rustic lodgepole pine logs. Design elements include engraved slate, cut-outs, handcarvings, nailheads and decorative hardware.
To meet the needs of every client, custom orders and custom design is always available.

It has always been, and always will be our goal to exceed the expectations of our valued customers.

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