The bathroom is one space in the home where safety is of the utmost importance. From the shower to the lighting, there are adaptations and products to help keep the bathroom a safe place for all.

Bathroom remodeling is an important aspect of your total remodeling project. This is because a bathroom is probably one of the most significant rooms in your house; cabinetry, plumbing, space planning and architectural needs can make bathroom renovation a seriously complex task.

Zero-threshold shower bases, which mimic the European style, provide homeowners with a seamless and beautiful shower. Flush with the bathroom floor, they often feature a trench drain to contain water in the shower area. The design permits easy access for foot and wheelchair traffic. A slip-resistant, textured floor can help protect against accidents in the shower.

Grab bars in the tub or shower area or next to the toilet provide safety and support for anyone. Remembering the combined aspects of aesthetics and support that are universal design, manufacturers are providing homeowners with more design options and flexibility, including grab bars that coordinate with a number of faucet and shower fixtures and double as decorative or functional pieces.

For those who desire a tub experience, a ledge or seating area on the edge of the tub improves ease in transferring in and out of the tub, while also providing an area for caregivers to sit. This feature can enhance the bathing experience for young children who need to be supervised while bathing or an older adult who may require a more easily-accessible bathing solution. Similarly, a removable flip-up bench provides the safety and convenience of a shower bench, but can easily be flipped up or removed completely so the tub can be used like a conventional bath/shower unit.

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