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Thread: The Wood We Use - Beech

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    The Wood We Use - Beech

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ID:	1971Some estimates suggest that beech represented 40% or more of the hardwood in the Northeast before European settlement. One can only imagine the quality of light found beneath these enormous trees with smooth silver bark and almond-shaped leaves. Bears must have been particularly well fed in those days. Beechnuts are a favorite of bears and a host of other wildlife. Bears will climb beech trees, rip off nut-laden branches, and feast in preparation for their long winter's sleep.

    We donít harvest trees with evidence of bear activity, but we, too, are fond of beech. The sapwood is creamy, the heartwood is tan, sometimes with salmon hints, and both have conspicuous cocoa-colored flecks.


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    We can used various types of wood and wooden materials in our routine life. They can make our much more comfortable and stylish.

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    This type of furniture is very durable also.

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