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Thread: Rustic Country Decor

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    Rustic Country Decor

    Rustic country decor can make you feel like you are living in the country even when you are in the middle of the city. This can be achieved by incorporating pieces of rustic furniture, fabric, and style to the structure of your home.
    The use of natural materials in your furniture and home design will help inspire a rustic country style. One can get that desired look with the use of wood in your furniture, wood in your housing materials (floors and walls), and stone work that enhances any mantle, wall or chimney.
    Rustic furniture will help give you that rustic country style. Handcrafted pieces will greatly increase this look, so long as they are of high quality. To produce the best effect one must use round, hand crafted pieces in its construction. Furniture with more detail, containing chiselled or carved pieces, will give an artistic flare to your decor and can be highly personalized to suite your needs.
    Antiquing your existing furniture will also help to give a rustic country style to your home or decor. Products used to antique wooden furniture can be found at your local hardware store and is fairly simple to use
    Using field stones in the construction process of your home will enhance its country style. Field stones can be used to create hearths or complete fire places.
    Field stones can also be used to create walkways on the exterior of your home. They can also be used to create accessories such as garden floors and beds, or water fountains.
    Large beams in the construction of your home will help to enhance this look as well, both structurally and style wise. The beams can be hand chiselled or milled with live sides (not flattened on all sides). Carvings can also be added to the beams for personal style.
    Iron work can also be used in your home with accessories such as lamps, furniture and the structure of the home itself.
    Accessories such as wood or antler carvings are an excellent way to achieve the rustic country style in your home. These types of accessories are the best to use since they are made of natural materials and are handcrafted.
    You can find several examples of rustic furniture, antler carvings and wood carvings on my website. There are also several informative articles on rustic furniture and wood working.

    Please look through my website to help give you some creative ideas on rustic country decor. You can contact me at my email address with any questions. rusticcreations@nf.sympatico.ca

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    Rustic country decor is a good choice if you do not know how to decor your home.

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