Brandenberry Amish Furniture is available in multiple wood species and many different styles, stain and paint colors including rustic furniture, early American furniture, vintage furniture and antique furniture replicas from more than a century ago. This portion of the Brandenberry Amish Furniture website separates the real wood furniture by the wood species as shown in the product pictures. All of the solid wood furniture pieces in the Solid Oak Furniture category are shown in regular oak wood. All of the furniture items in the Cherry Furniture category are shown in cherry wood. Notice the variety of colors for the real wood furniture pieces listed in the categories as this highlights some of the finishing options available to you for Amish wood furniture offered by Brandenbery Furniture.

Brandenberry Furniture also allows you to choose all aspects of your handcrafted, custom furniture so that your hardwood furniture piece is unique to you and your home. Each piece is crafted by expert Amish craftsmen using regional hardwoods and traditional woodworking techniques. You have input into the wood species, stain and hardware choices, ensuring that the final piece is a masterpiece just for you. Check out Brandenberry in Shpishewana, Indiana to see our pieces in person!

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