Zin Home is a family-owned and family-operated furniture and home-décor store, and it has served Hoboken, NJ—as well as the surrounding New York metropolitan area—for more than 8 years. The foundation of our company is our high-quality, solid-wood furniture, vast rug collection, great service, low prices, and a belief in bringing a personal touch to every sale.

Step inside our online store to view our wide selection of bedroom, living room, and dining room furniture, in addition to a wide variety of leather and upholstered sofas and chairs, and home office furnishings. We have something for every style and taste, from the funky to the simple, or the traditional to the modern—you’ll find whatever you need. Be sure to check back often, as we are always adding new and unusual items to our store, including eco-friendly home accessories and trendy gift ideas.

Zin Home first opened its doors on a side street in Hoboken, New Jersey in the spring of 2003. Owner, Adam Seker, first envisioned a store selling hand-knotted rugs, vibrant textiles, unique hand-blown lamps, along with other imports from around the world. As the business grew, and as more and more local residents came looking for furniture, Adam decided to begin selling solid, high-quality—but affordably priced—furniture. The original import store, perfect for selling small items, began to be over-crowded with teak dressers, coffee tables made from reclaimed wood, and leather couches in all styles and colors. So, in the winter of 2007, Zin Home expanded to a second location on the same block as the original store. With its brick interior wall, French doors to a back bedroom, and solid wood floors, Adam was able to show what an eclectic apartment in Hoboken could look like. For the next two years, the original import store was used to store Zin Home’s extensive collection of rugs, while most of the business was conducted in the larger furniture store. Then, in May of 2010 with the help of his wife Erin, Zin Home re-invented itself once again by turning the import store/rug showroom into a funky housewares and gift shop, known as Zin Home Boutique. The store specializes in unique items that can’t be found in larger home stores, including items created by small businesses and artists from across the United States. Now, after eight years in business, Zin Home is expanding once again, this time into the online world with a new web site where you can find all of the amazing furniture, rugs, and home accessories you could ever want.

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