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Thread: Metal Design Furniture

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    Metal Design Furniture

    Since 1990, we have been making uniquely inspired, long lasting metal furniture from highest quality materials. Now you can add a sense of luxury to your home with pieces from our extensive collection of metal garden and conservatory furniture, beautiful metal beds, charming home accessories, or romantic gazebos and pergolas.
    Whether you require an attractive garden set for al fresco dining, an eye-catching gazebo, or an elegant bed, we aim to provide furniture that will have your personal touch and that you will love. Each piece is made to order and can be customised online before buying, with options of colours, sizes and styles.
    The quality of our furniture is as durable as its style. Made in small numbers, every piece is solid and sturdy and will look beautiful year after year. So if you are looking for something unique and long lasting for your home look no further than Metal Design Furniture.

    We think that every home needs some elegant lovely comfortable long-lasting furniture, so this is the furniture we make. We manufacture all of our products ourselves and have been doing so since 1990. And that's good for you! We can adjust each piece to you so you can make your furniture special and personal by giving it your own finishing touch.
    So if you are looking for something unique and long lasting for your home, something that is not just furniture but, like the rose from The Little Prince story, will have a different feel from mass-produced furniture available on the market, look no further.
    We focus on every customer and our furniture will usually be made especially for you with the options that you choose, delivered on the agreed date and with a long guarantee!

    Far from mass-produced pieces brought in large containers of hundreds of thousands, our products are made in small series in a technologically advanced plant in Europe (see below). Our furniture is not hand-made, because despite their favourable image hand-made products can be of inconsistent quality, become wobbly and eventually rust, and they are also usually very expensive.

    Our pieces are welded by robots - just like this very precise computerised animal here on the left. We use high quality steel and stainless steel, plus additional quality materials such as tempered glass in transparent, green or brown tones, and green-tinted fused glass with hand-added ornaments. Where necessary, parts of products are then hand-finished. All our products are to a large extent customisable - in fact, many of our designs have been getting better and more beautiful through years in cooperation with our customers' wishes as well as our technological improvements.
    This is our family company, and the prices are kept low because there is no middleman.
    So if you want your garden or conservatory table in a different size, or with a different table top, your shelves with differently tinted glass, or your metal bed longer, or any piece in a special colour, do contact us!

    You can rest assured that any furniture you buy from us comes from people for whom the quality of every piece is important. Established in 1990, Metal Design Slovenia has over twenty years of experience working for German, Swiss, Italian and Austrian markets.
    We manufacture our own brand of metal furniture, custom-made metal structures, fencing and façade decorations, as well as specialized parts for various B2B co-operations, from parts for lawn mowers to complicated machines*.
    Our technicians know metal production inside out, so you can be sure every piece of your furniture is of superb quality. Combining advanced robotic technology with traditional handicraft for over 20 years, they are just the right people to deliver furniture that will make your home beautiful and will last many years.

    16 Ely Court, Chichester Road
    London NW6 5QR, UK
    Tel: 020 8144 6621

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    Lots of individuals battle to supply or beautify their lounge or patio. Go with a steel cover take a position and offset umbrella owner with a steel lawn common to sit on while you tie your footwear, or delay for your associate. If you have a hard patio, it can be a good way to sit and study while looking out over the front lawn.

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    Many furniture stores are available in the world and you have to select best store for purchasing your furniture. You have to find some favorite store and also find any best product furniture. In that store every home decorate furniture available and also metal design furniture.

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    There are many kinds of furniture available in market. People are liking to buy different types of furniture with different designing. I have seen many examples of metal designing and I will like to buy it.

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    Their are many stores are around us but the thing is that you have to pick/choose the best furniture manufacture house near to you. You can search on the internet too. All of us prefer first to take a look on the internet.


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    Hey McCoy well I think that you write like many designs of furniture with different process are available in the market.Thanks!!

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    There are so many furniture stores available metal design furniture in the market.


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