Our founder has been in the furniture industry in various capacities for over 20 years.

After graduating from Eastern Kentucky University with a BBA in Economics, he worked in his family's furniture store for five years where he was sales manager and bedding buyer. He was also responsible for all the advertising and marketing at the company.

He then attempted to start a furniture manufacturing company completely from scratch. Although the company was not financially successful, the five years experience in building furniture gave him valuable insight into all aspects of the furniture industry.

He then returned to his family's furniture store and was the upholstery buyer, advertising buyer and sales manager for another 10 years. It was his opinion that the operation needed to grow and so he explored various sites for the company to expand. Eventually he was contacted by the owner of the building at 2191 Nicholasville Rd. He tried to gather interest in expanding but found none. He therefore discussed it with his wife who is the office manager at Signature Furniture. They decided the opportunity was simply too good to let pass.

"This building is perfectly outfitted to showcase furniture in room settings much like your home. You will feel comfortable shopping here. It's not too big and it's not too small," he states.

Come see for yourself. We think you'll be impressed!

2191 Nicholasville Road,
Lexington, Kentucky

Phone: (859) 523-4407
Fax: (859) 523-4438