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Thread: How To Repaint Patio Furniture

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    How To Repaint Patio Furniture

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ID:	2243Great patio furniture is one of the essentials to having a truly complete outdoor living space. A quality set will last for years with minimal maintenance. One of the things you may end up wanting to do with it is repainting it. Whether itís to cover up some dents and dings from years of outside use or just to give things a fresh, new look, painting is an easy way to spruce up any piece of outdoor furniture. Hereís a breakdown of how to paint the most popular materials that outdoor furniture comes in.

    Plastic Ė
    Plastic outdoor furniture is probably the easiest to repaint as it requires the least prep. You donít have to sand it or use a primer. Just find paint in a color you like thatís meant for plastic, make sure your furniture is clean and dry, and start painting. Most plastic paints will dry within half an hour, but should be left to stand overnight just to make sure theyíre dry. Some colors may need more than one coat to take, so donít be afraid to give it another go if the results arenít quite to your liking.

    Metal Ė For metal furniture, youíll want to start by getting rid of any debris, like rust or flaking paint. When you get this stuff off, give it a good soaking with a garden hose to make sure any tiny particles are washed away. Youíll need to use a primer here before painting, so make sure you get one designed for metal. Prime it, let it dry complete, and then start painting.
    With both the painting and priming, the key is smooth, even strokes, and not getting too much paint in one spot (which can result in a run). Spray painting is the best way to go here, as it makes it easier to get a smooth, even coat since furniture can often have odd shapes that brushes have a hard time covering. Finally, youíll want to apply a topcoat protecting agent to prevent damage from the elements. Do this after your paint is dry and any extra coats have been applied.

    Wood Ė Wood is probably the trickiest to paint simply because there are so many different types of wood used in outdoor furniture. Different types can require different primers and different colors, so itís important to see what the manufacturer recommends for yours before you start buying supplies. When youíre ready to get started, remember to sand your wood down first. This will create a smooth surface and help the primer and paint go on better. Prime, let it dry, then paint and let that dry. Youíll also want to use a sealant on it to keep it safe from dirty and other debris.
    Have you tackled any furniture painting projects recently? Do you have any tips for getting a better finish? Share your experiences with us in the comments below!

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    Before you begin your repainting , cover the area where you will be working with a drop cloth or newspapers to prevent damage from spills. Wear a painter's mask and safety goggles to prevent exposure to your lungs or eyes during the repainting.

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