Most purchases come with a written 25-year guarantee. Sheffield offers additional protection to our clients if, in any way, the manufacturers' craftsmanship and/or materials in the construction of your furniture is compromised. Please ask your Sheffield designer to show you the actual guarantee for details. If you happen to damage your purchase, we also offer the best in repair, upholstery, and refinishing services. Our customer service department will be there to assist you in getting you a quote and scheduling service. Please ask your Sheffield designer to show you the guarantee for details.

30 Day Price Match Guarantee:

Another important benefit we offer our customers is a Thirty-day price match guarantee. If, within thirty days of your purchase, you find one of our competitors is offering the same piece at a better price... We will either match their price, or refund your deposit so that you may order elsewhere. Just bring us their quote or ad and there will be no delay in our action.

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