House of Oak & Sofas had its beginnings in Dalton, Ohio in 1985 when we opened a small store on Main Street. Dalton is a small agricultural community located between Wooster and Canton on US Rt. 30, 60 miles south of Cleveland.

The store originally specialized in hand-painted, custom-made furniture with country styling, and also sold Amish-crafted dining room furniture. After business hours, we would make trips into neighboring Holmes County, where the world's largest settlement of Amish live, to find new product or to find new builders to build our collection. Slowly the Classic Oak Collection developed and bedroom furniture was added.

One of our early goals was to provide our clientele with high-quality furniture that our customer could depend on without paying a name brand upcharge.

The store got its biggest boost when we opened a second location in Harrisonburg, Virginia, in the fall of 1991. This was an area where we had traveled and we found to be similar in demographics to the Ohio location. We initially opened in Valley Mall, to test the market, but soon sought a larger store. We found our present location on South Main Street.

Here we have a 30,000 square foot showroom plus a 10,000 square foot warehouse. We have added home office furniture, bedding, entertainment centers and a full line of upholstered furniture--part of which is a Norwalk Home Fashion Gallery which gives us access to thousands of frame and fabric choices for sofas, chairs, recliners, stools, ottomans and other upholstery. In addition we sell Lancer and Flexsteel upholstery. The Harrisonburg store is now the base of our operations.

As we have added a full line of furniture we have added even more accessories. Local customers like to visit monthly just to see what's new. Comments range from "It's just like a trip through Grandma's attic," to "Can I work here?" to "How do you keep track of everything?" to "If I ever win the lottery," and so on. Not only do the accessories make our furniture shine, but they also are a good way to introduce customers to our store.

Because we have easy access to Interstate 81, a steady stream of travelers stop and buy. If their vehicle isn't big enough and they come from far away, then they just buy a few accessories. We often load a vehicle first just to see if the merchandise fits, and then go inside to write the ticket.

It's our traveling customers who are most responsible for the creation of this web site. Over and over again, customers tell us that we need to come to their area with a store and although we would love to do that, we also feel we can be more efficient if we stay in one location and ship furniture to you.

Without a doubt, the most satisfying way to shop our store is to drive here and take a couple hours to browse. With over 3,000 fabric choices, many custom finish options and all the accessories, you will only get the full impact by walking the aisles and "visiting" with the merchandise. But we will be introducing here some of the best sellers from our line--items that we sell day in and day out. We recently added an upholstered area but the concentration is on the oak dining, bedroom and the accessories. If you are working on a major project, like a new house or vacation home, you can call ahead of time to have a sales consultant reserved to spend time helping to solve your decorating problems.

So come and take a look. Whether you drive to our store or hop on the web we hope that you will see something that will move your soul. One of our goals as home decorators is to provide furnishings and accessories that help you to make a living space that will soothe your spirit and help to drive away the tensions of the highways, the work place and the news media. The solid wood furniture at House of Oak & Sofas takes you back to the forest where trees have stood for hundreds of years with only the sounds of nature as background music. We hope you can give our furniture a similar home in your living space.

2265 South Main Street
Harrisonburg, VA 22801