Eye-catching steel hoods that drop from the ceiling center. The Loft kitchen takes its cue from new urban spaces. It is direct, simple, and tangible for those seeking a product both exclusive and daring. Its most distinguishing feature is the original use of metal to create evocative, uncompromising furnishing pieces, alternating with rectangular wood wall units in pastel colors. The kitchen was designed with an eye to functionality, sturdiness, practicality, without neglecting the charm and prestige that only a design so full of personality can give your entire home.

Nothing is left to chance in this composition. All its components are practical and in easy reach, while embellished with touches of original personality. The suspended metal component that holds the hood and storage surface goes perfectly with the two-door freezer/refrigerator in an all-steel version with square, riveted plates. Set on a pallet-type wood base, lacquered in micaceous iron gray, it comes with aluminum clad doors with patchwork effect. The steel sink is also distinctive, set on the counter edged in matte metal.

Technical features
Loft is made in American walnut with 25-mm blockboard panels and solid wood drawers, painted with handcrafted details. The high quality hinges are Polisetto type with vintage-style wings, and are made in bronzed metal. The large and small drawers bear Tandem concealed runners with built-in Bluemotion. The lacquered metal handles, designed and made exclusively in house favor quality, easy handling, and ergonomics. The countertops come in versions with pebbles, marble (treated as needed) or cement. The doors can be chosen from a wide array of options. Available in colored and lacquered versions as well.

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