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Thread: How can I make my room cooler( without paint)?

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    How can I make my room cooler( without paint)?

    I have a purple walls , a giant bean bag chair the size of my twin size bed, a dresser a side table,purple carpet and stuff I want to hang Christmas lights in there. I also have popcorn walls so it's not smooth.

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    I think your room is already cool enough. Adding more things will take away its natural beauty.

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    If you have seen some attractive theme at any other place, then you can try with that. You can't make your room so cooler than your room's capability so you need to do satisfaction from current condition of your home.

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    You have a creative thing to hang Christmas lights on wall, and I am sure your room will look well decorated. If you are facing problem with this task, then you should use some thumbtacks because from this, your way will be easy.

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    In my point of view living room furniture are the best attraction of the home and we used more of our stress for decorating our living rooms through using best designs furniture according to our choices and tastes.

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    Well said. It seems to be already enough cool and there is no need for adding the external materials for the coolness. Decorating the home includes many things such as the furniture, flooring, wall finishing etc.Furniture adds more beauty to the home and it looks pretty good if you choose the furniture according to the wall paintings.

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    you should use cool colour to decorate your room, green, blue, white..........there are many way to cooler your room without paint:
    put indoor plants in your room
    use cool colour bedding
    wallpaper is an easy way to change the feeling of your room

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