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    "Style is as individual as our preferences for outdoor living. That is why our collections cover an extensive range of both designs and functions."
    Aesthetic and functional furniture adds an extra dimension to outdoor living. Would you like your design to be light, clean, pure ? Or would you rather have a piece of furniture that moves the comfort of your living room Outdoors? It is simply a matter of personal choice - comfort and quality.
    Our aim is to give you the full benefit of the long and bright summer days. The outdoor living area must meet your need for balancing party, peace and quiet. Cane-line has made maintenance and the right choice easy for you. Imagine the perfect summer setting and you know which model suits you.

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    The Escape sun bed is top comfort, whether you are sitting and reading or lying down enjoying the sun. Escape was born via a hotel project in the Caribbean by the young Danish industrial designer Rikke Frost, who approached Cane-line with her idea. The design was so extraordinary that it just had to be pursued. Major challenges to achieve the right comfort lay ahead, but the results speak for themselves.
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    Sunrise relaxing chair
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    Savannah daybed, left module
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    Rest sunbed

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    Sunbed is very different bed for other beds. You have to select other beds for making your good life style. This bed is very nice and you can cover whole beds with other fabrics. There are many different color beds fabric used in this beds.

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    I am definitely amazed to look at your Sunbeds collections which you have released over here. I think you are very much knowledgeable about furniture designs. I seriously want to know some efficient methods to creating these kinds of furnishing's products.
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    These are really nice sunbed designs. Thanks for sharing. I personally love sun beds a lot as most of my weekends are spent out in the sun. I personally prefer sofa sunbeds as they are much more comfortable than these beds.

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    Very Nice!

    You have to appreciate that modern style! I love the 3rd bed, it's my favorite. I can imagine this on the deck of a ship or at a high end resort. Thanks so much for sharing.

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    Tanning beds are really the only practical way for people to get a tan when they live in an area with a colder climate. It is also difficult for people to get a natural tan if they work a standard nine-to-five shift, because the sun's rays are less direct and less effective at producing a tan during non-work hours. A quick 10- to 15-minute tanning session before or after work is much more convenient than trying to bask in the sun for several hours every day.

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