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Thread: Dining Room Tables

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    Dining Room Tables

    A table is the focal point of a house, where family, friends and guests come together. For this central area of the home, Girsberger Dining offers an outstanding collection. It includes tables, chairs, benches and sideboards – clear in form, intelligent in function, appealing in materials.

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    Ventura, desgn: Dieter Stierli

    Tabletop: Surface A: veneered 2,5 mm, longitudinally glued, beech heartwood, ash heartwood, elm, oak, American walnut. Surface B: synthetic resin 0,8 mm or Linoleum 2 mm
    Frame: Nickel chromium steel or solid wood

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    The dining room is not only the area that family gathers together to eat but also discuss all the important things. So, it is a very necessary to keep it extremely stylish and looking more beautiful and comfortable. It is also important to it would be a solid and elegant.

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    Such a nice dining rooms tables you share here , I really like this type of table. I have this type of dining table only color is different because my home dining room color is also different so I select this type table.

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    I like to do dinner on dining table with my full family because I think only this place gives us an opportunity to face with every family member and share our important thing to each other. So, from my thing anyone can understand the importance of well purchased dining table.

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    Girsberger, these dining tables are really good, you have such a nice collection of dining room furniture on your website too, and I would love to recommend your products to my friends or relatives.

    Indian Wooden Furniture

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    very nice i like it very much.

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    An important thing to look at is the location of the table legs. Part of eating and seating is being comfortable. So where are your own legs going to be with how the table legs are set up. That is the question to ask yourself when selecting. It’s best to avoid having to hover around a table leg. A pedestal table is a good choice because it provides stability and a lot more leg space than the average table.

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    great collection of dining table.

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    Dining room tables is a main part of your home and Well-Rounded dining table , there's always room for an extra chair, especially one that's armless, so opt for curves when flexibility matters most. Even though this room's pedestal table boasts a chunky base, it doesn''t weigh the room down thanks to its white-painted finish and its position in front of a bank of sunny windows.

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