The craftsmanship in LUGANO is something for experts and combines multiple and elaborate woodworking in a single piece of furniture: Chairs with curved backs, occasional furniture with carefully rounded edges as well as drawers with textured fronts. As always, special attention was paid to the natural structures of the veneers. Comfort fittings ensure that all functions are extremely smooth in operation.

DISTINCTIVE WALNUT GIVES WHITE AURA and white definitely highlights the warm, soft Walnut tone.
The contrast creates beautiful combinations to make your dining area light and friendly.
THE MULTIPLICITY OF IDEAS LUGANO offers different superior styles. Warm and homely in Core Beech, matte or wild oak. Distinctive in dark Walnut with white or in Wild Oak graphite. The variety of chair designs and table shapes inspires combination. The material mix of wood, steel, leather and fabrics always delivers inspiring results.

The programme with a wide range and numerous furnishing options.
Shown here in Wild Oak graphite with Magnolia varnish surface. This highly graphic combination not only highlights contrast and shape. Craftsmanship and concept with absolutely convincing details. It even pays to look underneath the table and view the exceptional X design of the table frame.

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