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Thread: Is IKEA good quality?

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    Is IKEA good quality?

    I love the IKEA style. Seeing the prices on these...is it worth it? And are they good quality?
    Please share your experiences with IKEA furniture/ stuff and offer me advice.
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    IKEA furniture is cheap and not so bad. But looks cheap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe View Post
    IKEA furniture is cheap and not so bad. But looks cheap.
    Of course, IKEA is the most famous furniture brand in all over the world. You can easily find verities of stylish furniture from IKEA sellers. I always like this brand for buying some modern furniture for my house.
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    Well IKEA is meant for the quality furniture provider and is the most familiar brand which has been providing products since many years.You can get wide range of designer furniture with unique styles and is the most reliable company.

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