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Radius and Cavetto Cutters

Bearing Guided Cavetto Cutter

Self guiding cavetto style cutter, which follow the board edges for straight or curved work radius.

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Cavetto 7.9mm radius - 43.09
Cavetto 4.8mm radius -39.06

Cove Style Radius Cutters
These cove style cutters with two flutes, give radiused grooves for decorative panel finishes and board edges. For deep channels, take a series of passes. Ref. C056A is used with the Trend Draining Groove Jig.

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Radius 4.8mm radius x 9.5mm diameter - 18.53
Radius 5.0mm radius x 18mm diameter - 18.53
Radius 6.3mm radius x 12.7mm diameter -19.91
Cove radius 6.35mm x 7.9mm cut - 19.91
Radius 7.9mm radius x 15.9mm diameter -25.20
Radius 9.5mm radius x 19.1mm diameter -27.22
Radius 9.5mm radius x 32mm cut x 80mm -32.51
Radius 11.1mm radius x 22.2mm diameter -28.48
Radius 12.7mm radius x 25.4mm diameter -29.11

Radius Cutters
These are ideal for engraving and decorative panel work. Made with Solid Tungsten Carbide inserts, with two flutes.

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Radius 1.6mm radius x 3.2mm diameter -16.63
Radius 2.4mm radius x 4.8mm diameter -16.63
Radius 3mm radius x 6mm diameter -15.12
Radius 3.2mm radius x 6.3mm diameter -17.27
Radius 2.5mm radius x 5mm diameter -24.58
Radius 3.2mm radius x 6.3mm diameter -25.20

Self-Guided Radius Cutters

Ideally suited for cutting radiused edges at speed, as a side fence can be dispensed with. The guide bearing follows the vertical edge or template. Alternative bearing Ref. B127A creates a shallow radius.
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Self guided radius 4.8mm - 29.11
Self guided radius 6.3mm - 31.75
Self guided radius 7.9mm - 35.16
Self guided radius 9.5mm - 41.08
Self guided radius 12.7mm - 43.09
Self guided radius 12.7mm - 40.96
Self guided radius 16mm - 55.44
Self guided radius 19.1mm - 61.74
Self guided radius 25.4mm - 86.94

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