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Thread: Ergonomic Office Furniture

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    Using ergonomic office furniture has many benefits for both employees and employer who have to sit in the office for long hours. This kind of furniture helps them preventing from developing chronic back pain.

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    Actually, ergonomic office furniture is designed to give you best comfort for long time working. They offer an ergonomic seating solution which stimulates a balanced posture and assists to reduce back or neck pain triggered from continuously sitting for a long time. Hence they’ve increased in popularity recently. A kneeling chair is a good example about ergonomic design.
    You can find more useful info about kneeling chair in this post.

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    thanks for all the information, An ergonomic chair is made to have a person comfortable while at the office, to allow them to concentrate on doing the perfect job. They are made to minimize hard physical work and discomfort, and therefore maximize efficiency.

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    I agree with the kneeling chair suggestion. They are great when it comes to ergonomics, more so in helping reduce lower back pains and ideal for people with knee issues. However, it's also good to note that they do not come in some generic one-size-fits-all model. You'll find single knee pad kneeling chairs, rocking kneeling chairs, x-frame kneeling stools, kneeling chairs with back support (my personal favorite) and more as seen here.

    But you'll probably need to be working for yourself (or have one in your home office) as not every workplace will sanction adoption of this type of chair.

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