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Thread: Cheapest pine finishing?

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    Cheapest pine finishing?

    I was wondering,if you made small pine furniture for indoor use.What would be the cheapest finishing product for pine wood?..varnish might be too expensive for keeping prices low.

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    Exactly what you'll need to stain incomplete pinus radiata into a african american along with sparkly finish off:

    1. 120 along with 220-grit sandpaper,
    2. Pre-stain lumber conditioner,
    3. 8 ounce. may of the ebony lumber stain,
    4. 1 quart of a fast-drying polyurethane,
    5. 1 inexpensive coloring comb,
    6. Previous t-shirt.

    What you think about it?
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    Staining pine furniture can be tricky. Pine has natural yellow undertones that tend to show through most stains. Pine rarely accepts stain evenly without effort, which means that the furniture will have blotches that are darker or lighter than the surrounding area.

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