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Thread: New Trends for Outdoor Furniture

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    New Trends for Outdoor Furniture

    Hey guys, I am Mark. I am new in this forum so I hope any of you guys could help me out. My wife and I are planning to buy some furniture to add in our porch, maybe a porch swing or a swing bed, etc. However I am not quite sure about the good trends to follow in this year. I want to make my porch beautifully looking as much as possible with the furniture pieces that I would like to buy. I already research many blogs about the latest trends but I want to know the real deal with real people, your opinion and such. Thank in advance everyone

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    I am not an expert on outdoor furniture but Rattan seems to be the latest craze. It does look good but I would investigate how well it fairs depending on weather conditions

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    You should consider things which would be good. Know the advantage and disadvantages of the furniture you want.

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    Bamboo is also emerging as a latest trend in outdoor furniture. I have a patio set in house made of Bamboo.

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    Hi Mark, good question. I have been thinking about aluminium outdoor furniture, it's definitely better then the plastic furniture: https://www.lazysusanfurniture.co.uk...den-furniture/
    There are some good options to bring a modern design to my outdoor space. I like clean lines and smooth surfaces, so I think I am going to cover my facade with
    aluminium composite panels to create a perfect backdrop for my new garden furniture. I don't like to mix and match different materials, so this could be a perfect solution for my backyard.

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