I have an idea in mind of the kitchen cabinets I would like. An in-frame fitted kitchen that has completely flat,wooden, cabinet doors painted white. I find literally ALL in-frame kitchens have flat fronted drawers but the doors are ALWAYS shaker style. grr! The Magnets 'Kuta' is too fiddley and has shaker style doors which I don't want. Sigma 3 has 'Centrale' which has plain flat doors but they are not 'in-frame' (but perhaps they could do it for me?) but they don't have bog-standard white. All the flat fronted doors these days seem to be high gloss finish which I don't want either. This is the frustration that I'm in - I know what I want but I can't have it.
I have actually found my PERFECT kitchen, literally exactly what I was looking for but the kitchens start at around 18,000! ouch! I can't afford this. The kitchen is the Linear Kitchen by Harvey Jones. The design is pretty simple and I'm not TOO concerned with the internals being hardwood so I'm wondering if I could find a carpenter willing to make up something similar - or perhaps just all the external parts of the cabinets. Is this possible? or will it be too complicated/be ridiculously expensive?