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Thread: What are some relaxing colours for bedroom?

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    What are some relaxing colours for bedroom?

    What are some relaxing colours for bedroom?

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    Stony Ground and Delicacy looks great

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    I think I'm going to go with the peach.

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    blue and green are good but I would go with light yellow and peach. I use this combo to my bedroom, and believe me it is as peaceful as it sounds.

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    For me, there are seven most relaxing colors. There are bright green, deep purple, white, bright blue, light yellow, turquoise and peach.

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    I have colored light green to my bedroom. Green is a soothing color. It help relax the eyes and make you feel clam. Light blue, peach light violet this are very popular colors anyone can use in their homes to have a soothing effect.

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    I always prefer blue but green is really cool color.

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