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Thread: Types of beds- available - sleeping?

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    Types of beds- available - sleeping?


    what is the difference between king and queen size bed.
    which one is bigger...

    what are the standard dimensions for king and queen size beds.

    what other kinds of beds exist in the market ?

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    king size bed is bigger than queen size. the standard dimension for king size bed is 76 in ◊ 80 in, queen size bed is 60 in ◊ 80 in.
    there are single bed, double bed, sofa bed in the market. if you are not sure which one is suit for you, the seller may provide details for you.

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    A Queen bed is 60" wide by 80" long. And there are two different King size beds, the Standard King can be either 76" or 78" wide by 80" long and the California King is 72" wide by 84" long. There is a noticeable difference, and if your down grating from a King to a Queen you will feel this difference.

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    Hello,Most modern beds consist of a soft mattress on a bed frame, with the mattress resting either on a solid base, often wooden slats, or a sprung base. In North America many beds include a box spring inner-sprung base a large mattress-sized box containing wood and springs that provide additional support and suspension for the mattress.

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    A king size bed is bigger than queen size. You can also buy from other types of beds available - panel beds, upholstered beds, sleigh beds, camelback beds etc. If you want, you can visit Ashley Furniture HomeStore in Killeen. I recently purchased my home furniture from there and it had a good collection of beds too.

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