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Thread: Fashion Kitchen

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    Quote Originally Posted by april_luv View Post
    Design your kitchen decor according to your family living style. However, it is not necessary that you do the whole kitchen design from scratch. You can make small changes using simple kitchen decorative tips that will make your kitchen look a whole new place. Making just a few small changes in the kitchen can add allure to your whole home decor.
    I agree with you! It is important to design it according to the family's way of living so they'll appreciate it more. There are many tips available online. I browse the internet as much as possible to see if there are designs I can use for my kitchen without spending a lot. I know there are many ways I can make my kitchen more beautiful even if it's not costly.

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    Hi guys,
    I was wondering if you have ever considered a wall oven for your kitchen? I was researching this option, it looks sooo stylish. I was thinking about a single wall oven, maybe the one with a French door? What do you think about GE Cafe CT9070SHSS? Has anyone used something like this already?
    Thank you!

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    So gorgeous!
    Your kitchen have a wonderful design, Cabinets are so cool. I like the interior design.

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    your kitchen have a wonderful designyour kitchen have a wonderful design.

    Its so nice,your kitchen have a wonderful design.

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    Also you must consider air con that is quiet and energy efficient for your kitchen. We called this company that is installing air conditioning in Marabella and they found a perfect solution for us. Air con in a kitchen is an absolute must.

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    that's very amazing and very interesting to read and see these pictures.

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    to large i think. It looks like studio flat

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    I love the design and the color combination. The kitchen looks elegant and stylish. It is very attractive.

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    I love such beautiful kitchens!
    Really great!

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    Fantastic kitchen and all items suitable for fashionable kitchen and i am impressed with cabinet.

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