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Thread: Bamboo floors?

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    Bamboo floors?

    I have bamboo wood floors and I have been mopping them with mop glo and a regular Libby mop-they are really spotty though. Does anyone have any other ideas on what to use to get them squeeky clean?


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    Hello doni,

    I'm new here and interested of helping you out since I have also a bamboo floors^^

    I usually do mopping in regular basis. Using some alternative like vinegar; vinegar-water mixture at a 1:4 ratio, fill a spray bottle with vinegar solution, and spray the area before wiping it up or you can very lightly dampen the cloth. Remember to dry the area with a towel immediately. Do not wax the bamboo or use oil cleaners.

    I hope this little information will help.

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    With bamboo you want to avoid using chemicals as much as possible. Try lemon or vinegar.

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    Bamboo wood floors are very durable and versatile. Keeping them clean and taking care is important. Vinegar is a good cleaning agent for floors.

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    Using vinegar is a good idea to keep your bamboo floor clean and long lasting. You can place doormat on it to prevent it from dirt.

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    Exactly, that's what you have to do.

    Quote Originally Posted by Loyen View Post
    With bamboo you want to avoid using chemicals as much as possible. Try lemon or vinegar.

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