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Thread: Should pavers be sealed

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    Should pavers be sealed

    We recently had a new home built that includes a large screened-in patio with concrete pavers on the floor.

    After almost four months, there are still a lot of areas where sand needs to be added between the pavers or where sand has risen and thus there is loose sand on the surface - no matter how many times we sweep it.

    Is this normal for these types of floors? How long should it take for all the sand to settle? Also, should pavers be sealed, and is there anything that can be done to keep the sand in place?

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    I think this is normal. My patio of interlocking pavers needs periodic maintenance, especially weeding between the pavers in the spring.

    Sand has a tendency to wash out between the cracks, and you should see what the chipmunks have been doing to a small area with concrete pavers in another spot in my yard.

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