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Thread: "Wood" Collection

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    "Wood" Collection

    A kitchen should please – therefore the quality is the most important aspect for Ballerina. Ballerina kitchens are produced in the way like the people need a kitchen: individually, uncomplicated and suited to daily use. Kitchen dreams and wishes will come true by first-class executions to attractive prices. Not only when cooking the kitchen
    is a place for creativity but also when planning and constructing, the individual taste meets its demands. For all who consider the kitchen as their central living space, the Ballerina kitchens offer the ideal possibilities for realization of aesthetical aspects, functionality and multifarious ideas. It is the pleasure in something new, unique and design
    which connects us with our kitchens. All over the world: The kitchen for living. More than only a sentence.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ballerina_wood_07.jpg 
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ID:	809 Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ballerina_wood_11.jpg 
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ID:	810 Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ballerina_wood_10.jpg 
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ID:	811 Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ballerina_wood_09.jpg 
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ID:	812 Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ballerina_wood_04.jpg 
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ID:	813


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    Where's the stove in the kitchen? I see the hood, so I'm assuming it's centered somewhere in the countertop.

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    I love the rustic look of the second kitchen.

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    wow. what a great design in your kitchen. I like the first one.

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    Yeah absolutely the kitchen design are exceptional , these kind design improve your your home attraction and appearance .

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    Very well decorated kitchen.
    The one of the best way to get and keep your kitchen in well-organized way nowadays is to have the appropriate shelves and cabinets. Open shelves has been a perfect choice in personal homes for some time now. If you have cabinet then you must use your innovative abilities to beautify them.

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    Kitchen is an important part of the house and it should be simple and elegant. Only proper furniture can make your furniture beautiful and stylish. While arranging furniture in the kitchen, one should keep in mind certain thing. For more about furniture arrangement, you can refer this article:

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    I am agree with you Jackflaming .. Kitchen is important part in our house that's why we need to clean this every day and we need to decorate it, we gonna put a kitchen cabinets and some appliances ..

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    I really impressed the way you design your kitchen, the color combination of wood is also very attractive.......

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    First and third kitchen for me. I like how you make use of the space for all those wood work and still makes it spacious.

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