I purchased a queen mattress set and bedroom furniture from the Taylor store on Feb 10th with a promise of a delivery date on Feb 17th. I receive a call from the Toledo Store on the 15th saying, they didn't deliver to my area on that specific day. Therefore I made a call to the Taylor store and with my receipt in hand saying the delivery date was pre scheduled in advance for the following Thursday. I had to jump thru hoops to get them to deliver the furniture and mattress I paid for. The regional manager got involved and finally the matter was resolved or so I thought. Here's the problem: the wrong mattresses were delivered on the Feb 17th. I did not nor want a plush mattress I ORDERED AN EXTRA FIRM!!!!! It's now March 3rd and still haven't receive the correct order. Having to take 3 Thursdays off from work to have a mattress deliver is unacceptable. Who's going to compensate me for loss time??? I'm not looking for a hand out but I will take my business else where as I just bought a new house and still need to furnish it. Good bye Value City