We ordered and purchased a sofa with the condition that it be in stock and could be delivered on within 2 weeks.Sales associate checked and stated that it was in fact in stock and could be delivered on the agreed upon date.

HOWEVER, 2 days before that was to happen, we receive a call telling us that there was a mix up and that our sofa was delivered to another customer and that there was no more available from the manufacturer until a later date. In light of this information, I returned to the store to have them just refund the purchase. They told me that they would but they had to charge a 10% cancellation fee. I informed them that THEY were the ones who cancelled the promised delivery date and that I should not be required to pay the cancellation fee because THEY screwed up and gave my sofa to someone else!!

I reminded them of the verbal agreement that was made with us and the sales associate but they did not care and refused to refund the money. I called their corporate office and they told me that I had to take my complaint to the store. I told them that I DID and the store told me that I had to call CORPORATE.

No one with Ashley company gives a *** about customer service or doing the right thing.I called my credit card and place a dispute of the charges which they were happy to do.