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Thread: Looking for a gentle massage soaking tub

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    Looking for a gentle massage soaking tub

    We're getting older and plan to stay in our home longer than expected.

    We're remodeling the bathroom with age-friendly plumbing fixtures and need a little help. Can you give to help us choose an aging-in-place massage soaking tub?

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    Here's my three gentle bath tub tips:

    - First, check out a drop-in style tub. Drop-in models usually require a custom-built enclosure around the tub. This way you can custom design stairs and seating areas around your tub for easier in/out access.

    - Second, in place of a whirlpool jet system, I recommend a bubble massage system. Soft rising bubbles are a lot easier on the body.

    - Finally, don't forget comfort and lumbar support. Look for a tub with rounded edges and body-supporting features.

    Also, some soaking tubs even have built-in radiant-heated surfaces – that will be my last hot tip on this subject.

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