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Thread: How to choose good hotel furniture?

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    How to choose good hotel furniture?

    Hotel furniture including hotel bedroom furniture, hotel public furniture,hotel office furniture,hotel restaurant furniture and so on.All of them are very important to hotel decoration.Then what should we pay attention to when choosing hotel furniture?How to find good hotel furniture factories who sell good quality hotel furniture with cheap price?Let us share some suggestions from hotel project furniture experts.

    1. Environment Friendly.The material of hotel furniture such as particle board,MDF,painting and so on can release toxic gas which is harmful to human being.The space in hotel and apartment is relatively close,the pungent smell will influence the occupancy rate directly.The environmental protection of furniture has become the important factor for the guests to choose hotel.
    2. The Design of Furniture The characteristic and style should match with the interior design.Simple decoration with luxury furniture or low end hotel room furniture with luxury interior should be avoided.The location of the hotel or apartment,what guest group the hotel aims to,the guest room price strategy should be considered.In short,the customers’ preference and consumption concept should be focused on.

    3. One time Investment and Value Preservation Time. To ensure that the occupancy rate is not affected because of the furniture aging and damage, when choosing furniture, we should consider not only the one time investment but also the repeated investment on furniture.So we should choose those furniture which can remain good appearance and good quality even after long time.The quality guarantee time should also be considered.
    4. Water Proof and Moisture Proof.In the hotel bedroom or apartment room,the furniture is often damaged by the water or moisture.Tea dumping,moisture in the bathroom,steam in the Sauna room,the wet towel and the seasonal moisture change can cause the exposure of edge banding,shedding,swelling of the board surface,crack,bubble mildew and other problems.The water proof and moisture proof should be emphasized before purchasing hotel furniture.
    5. Fire and Heat Resistance.The lighted cigarette,match and others can damage the surface of the furniture and even form a fire.The the fire proof of furniture can not be ignored.
    6. Wear resistant, durable and anti falling.Generally the small items and electrical appliance can cause damage to furniture surface and shorten the furniture life.So the material of hotel furniture is very important.
    In short,we should check and study many aspects about the the hotel furniture factory carefully such as the project cases they did in the past,whether the production and design team are complete,whether the furniture workshop is clean and well organized.For big hotel project, the certification for environment protection and quality are needed,so it is suggested the budget should not be compressed alone.After all, that you get what you pay for is the rule.Squeezing hotel furniture factory will result that factory adopt cheap material and the quality of hotel furniture can not be guaranteed.The loss will outweighs the gains.
    Here I recommend www.chinahotelfurniturefactory.com

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    Really thoughtful article, thanx a lot! Currently I am looking for a hotel for sale in Germany and I will need to buy furniture for it. Can you provide beds and tables for 50 rooms?

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    thanks for the thread, very helpful informations

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