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Thread: Old dining room furniture

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    Old dining room furniture

    Hi, the dinette set in our dining room is very old now. Often, there is whitish powder under the table. Also, the surface of the table is uneven now. The finishing of the table is lost. It lasted for a very long. And it has also started to crack now. So, I was thinking of replacing the dining room furniture.While I was searching for a new dinette set I came across a site who had very stylish and good dinette sets. I was pretty impressed. I want to know should I go for the same color I have now in my kitchen(wooden brown) or should I experiment with it??? As these dinettes cannot be replaced often, I don’t want to make any mistake while choosing them. Please suggest…

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    Buy a foldaway dining area table. Without getting enough space for just about any dedicated diner, purchasing a foldaway table means you'll be able to produce a diner whenever needed.
    Go vibrant.
    Dinner for just two.
    Try dining benches.
    Go minimal.
    Choose an extendable table.
    Choose dark opulence.
    Get savvy along with your space.

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