Painted iron gate is a pretty simple task. You can make your own by hand after losing a bit of time to read through the article: guiding hand painted iron gate durable expert paint manufacturer's iron gates.

Give people the impression before they step into your house by painting the iron doors as new. Instead of letting them rust, fading, peeling paint ...

Consider what prepainted steel door?

I have to use special paint? - Yes, you should use paints for metal. We have water resistance, strong sunlight or sudden temperature changes. You should also use a primer for iron doors. This primer will increase the life of exterior paint. This means you will not need to repaint the door waiting in a long time.

When should I paint my metal door? - The summer months are the best time to paint the iron door. Because the weather is dry, dry faster and helps paint stick more firmly.

How do I know which type of paint that matches your iron door? - You can check the details of paint products whether it is suitable for use outside or not ?. There are many options available so finding matching paint your iron door is not difficult.

Guiding hand painted iron gate fast, durable.

Here are 7 basic steps to self painting handmade iron gates quickly, professionally.

Step 1 - You may go down a plate lined with fabric, paper ... To protect the area around the floor while you work. This will paint the door satngan Instructions blocking paint drip onto the floor, yard.

Step 2 - If your iron gate rust or paint peeling. Use sandpaper to remove as much as rust and paint outside. We recommend that you seal masks and goggles when doing this.

Step 3 - Iron Doors should be washed before painting. To remove dirt or grease, to ensure the best results.

Step 4 - When the surface is dry, paint on the iron door with a primer small paint brushes. This primer will increase the shelf life and reduce the rusting iron gates quickly.

Step 5 - Make sure the primer is dry. Then use a small brush or spray gun, paint a layer of paint as you like outside the iron gate. Paint the entire area and let it dry completely.

Step 6 - If mandatory. You can spray paint to add 2nd for iron doors, but most often of good quality paint just one class. Especially you paint a primer.

Step 7 - Clean the brush or your spray gun with gasoline. After completion of work, to conserve them can re-use in the future. Quite thick metal coating, so you need to clean them thoroughly.

If you feel difficulties in coating process iron door, or you do not have time for this work. That's when you contact the team of painters

Safety Tips

Avoid to paint fire in the eyes by wearing goggles, and dressed in a disposable to protect your clothes. Unless you have old clothes and not worry about staining paint and dirt on clothing.
Always wear gloves during the working process.
Make sure you wear a mask to reduce the inhalation of dust and toxic paint smell.
Use ladders safely when you paint on a high. Make sure that no-slip material on the ladder.
If paint fire in the eyes, you should wash with warm water, immediately clean the paint off until your eyes.