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Thread: Any solution to beg bug infestation??

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    Any solution to beg bug infestation??

    One of my friends family has a terrible bed bug infestation. I know that bed bugs are difficult to get rid of. I have heard that heat treatment is one of the ways to get rid of these bugs. But don't know how efficient this method is. As my friend is out of state he asked me to find some ways to get rid of these creatures. He belongs to a middle classed family. So he doesn't have enough money to spend for expensive methods to clear of bed bugs. One of the most efficient ways, according to me is hiring the help of power pest control experts. If you guys have preferably simple and cheap ideas, they are greatly appreciated. Because something has to be done immediately, as his mother, who is alone at home is absolutely covered in bites.

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    Yep, I think you should go ahead and hire those folks. It's terrible having to wake up covered with bug bites and brittles everywhere. The skin becomes more sensitive with age and it's harsh.

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