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Thread: Should a kitchen faucet pull out or pull down?

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    Should a kitchen faucet pull out or pull down?

    We want a new trendy faucet for our kitchen, the type that has a built-in spray head.

    But, I've noticed that some of these faucet spray heads pull out of the faucet body, and some heads pull down.

    Is there a reason to choose one type of these faucets over the other?

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    This is a popular question. Pull-out and pull-down kitchen faucets are similar, and why one type may be chosen over the other can come down to three preferences: vessel filling, cleaning tasks and style. Let's explore.


    Pull-down is nice for filling large pots in the kitchen sink bowl. A pull-out faucet has the edge when filling things like dog dishes and coffee makers outside of the sink bowl.


    A pull-out spray head has a larger hand grip for easy control, but a pull-down spray is great in tight spaces.


    Finally, it may just be the high arch style of the pull-down or traditional-looking spout style of the pull-out to pull you in the direction of the kitchen faucet you desire.

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    Hi Adam,
    If you’re a bit confused about the Pullout and pull down faucet then I would suggest you go with pull-down faucet.
    It has a more positive site like:

    • More models of pull down faucet come with varying spray options than pull out, which makes it easier when rinsing or filling.
    • For some, ergonomics comes into play because you only need one fluid motion (downwards).
    • You’re less likely to get kinks in the hose because you’re not maneuvering in different directions.
    • Pull down faucets are also ideal for those of you that have deep sinks.

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