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Thread: Corner bath

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    Corner bath

    I'm remodeling my master bathroom and want to install a corner bathtub for a more open look.

    I know corner installations are a little different, so can you please give me a few tips on installing and choosing a corner tub?

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    Corner baths are used in smaller bathrooms, but they can also be installed in larger areas as well.

    With that said, if you like the open look of a corner bath, go for it.

    To start off, look for a tub that makes the best use of the bathing area. Newer corner tub designs add extra bathing capacity by opening up the back corner area for a more comfortable soaking experience.

    Next, look for a bath with integral wall flanges on the two back walls. This is important for water containment when you install the tile or panel back walls.

    Finally, get a style that includes a front apron. This way your new corner bath will look beautiful from any angle.

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