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Thread: A Higher Toilet

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    A Higher Toilet

    I plan to remodel our master bathroom.
    With this fresh start I have an issue that has followed me most of my life that hopefully we can solve.

    Iím very tall and would like to install a higher toilet. What are some options?

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    The first and easiest option is to look into a floor-mount toilet style often called comfort height.

    Comfort height toilets are a little higher than a standard toilet. Sitting down will feel like the height of a dining room chair.

    For a more custom-height option (also more expensive), you can look into a residential wall-hung toilet.

    Wall-hung toilets hang on a strong harness inside the wall. Some models allow for the bowl to be raised up in a higher position.

    Either toilet option may work for you to hopefully solve your longstanding toilet issue.

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    There are pros and cons you need to consider if you want to elevate your toilet. Yes, you will be comfortable afterwards. However, a family member of yours may find it hard to use the toilet after remodeling it. But if you live alone, then you can do freely what you want.

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