Hi all,

What do you guys think of an indoor swimming pool? I hope it will be cool to have one in your house. I plan to install an indoor pool in mine. I have high cholesterol levels and muscle pain. Even after joining chiropractic sessions I had no relief from muscle pain. When I consulted my doctor he suggested swimming daily. From there comes the idea of installing an indoor swimming pool, so that we can use it in all seasons without any failure. We have contacted an indoor pool construction service. They have an award-winning design team. So I hope they could provide us with some amazing designs.

I have heard, a pool in the house increases its value at the time of selling it. We even have a plan to sell it in the future and settle in Paris. So we need to make it in the most beautiful form it can be. Is there anyone who installed a pool recently. What factors does the cost of the pool depend on? Share your knowledge.