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Thread: One option to help handle toilet paper shortages

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    One option to help handle toilet paper shortages

    With recent events, toilet paper seems to be in high demand.

    One option is high-tech bidet-style seats. I like this concept, but I don't need all the fancy bells and whistles.

    Are simple and more affordable personal cleansing toilet seats available?

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    High-tech electronic toilet seats that feature options like a heated seating area, odor control, warm water washing with oscillating wand, drying cycles and even a remote control for easy use have become popular. So popular that spinoff "basic" cleansing seats are now available at more affordable prices.

    These simple easier-to-install manual control seats do provide basic washing, but keep a couple things in mind.

    First, most will wash with unheated water.

    Second, washing is usually done with hand-controlled valve operation in place of automatic electronic operation.

    If you can handle all that, a manual bidet toilet seat can help wipe out your toilet paper anxieties.

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    Have you tried checking it on Home Depot near you? I know there are personal cleansing toilet seats available there?

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