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Thread: High-end remodel for a small kitchen

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    High-end remodel for a small kitchen

    I own a small condo and plan to remodel the kitchen.
    The kitchen area is very small and I'll need a smaller-than-average sink.

    I want this remodel to be high end. Do they make small professional-style kitchen sinks?

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    Workstation kitchen sinks do come in a variety of sizes. For small kitchen sinks you will most likely be looking at the single-bowl category. But just because it's a single bowl sink doesn't mean you'll be giving up multiple features that can help you in the kitchen.

    I'll get into some accessories in a second, but first let's talk sink construction.

    If you want a high-end look for a smaller kitchen sink, I recommend an under-mount style with a deep bowl. For material, a heavy gauge stainless steel sink with a cone-style drain can also add a professional look. For extras, some smaller workstation sinks can include accessories.

    Custom features like a colander, cutting board and even drain racks can help you live large in your small kitchen.

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    22-by-30 inches is the average measurement of the kitchen sink. Due to the size of most countertops and cabinets, the front-to-back dimensions of the sink remain standard. The width of different types of sinks can vary dramatically.

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