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Thread: Bathroom odor control

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    Bathroom odor control

    I have a condo and the bathroom air duct ties into a building vent system.

    Bathrooms have no individual power fans.

    I'd like to have additional odor control in my bathroom.

    Any easy and affordable tips you can suggest?

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    First tip is make sure you have a little space under your bathroom door to help promote fresh air flow. A door with a tight seal could hinder bathroom air change-over time.

    Next tip: An innovative and affordable idea to help address bathroom odors can be to replace your present toilet seat with a new high-tech seat that has a built-in air freshening system. These battery-operated toilet seats use a small fan to circulate air into a carbon filter chamber, complete with a replaceable scent pack. This mini-venting system is user-activated and turns on and off automatically.

    Some of the trendy seats even have options like slow-closing lids complete with soft color night lights.

    So if you're looking for a bright idea to help with bathroom odor control, an air freshening toilet seat may be the way to go.

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