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Thread: Wall-hung sink

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    Wall-hung sink

    We have a half-bathroom with a small wall-hung sink.
    There's just enough room on the sink back splash to hold a bar of soap.
    I want to have hand sanitizer on this sink as well.
    Do you have any off-the-wall ideas for more sink space?

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    I don't have an off-the-wall idea, but I do have an on-the-wall idea.

    First, while wall-hung bathroom sinks are great for saving room space, usually they can be a challenge if you want to add accessories like toothbrush holders, hand lotion or hand sanitizers. I've seen homeowners install shelving, medicine cabinets and even replace small wall-hung sinks in an effort to get some extra accessory space.

    One easier solution I've seen is to add a wall-mounted soap, cream or sanitizer dispenser just above the wall-hung sink. These small residential dispensers anchor to the wall studs or as per the manufacturer's instructions.

    With the hand sanitizer dispenser on the wall instead of resting on the sink, this might clean up your wall-hung sink woes.

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