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Thread: Tub-shower curtain

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    Tub-shower curtain

    We have a tub and shower unit with a shower curtain.
    I'm looking to upgrade from just a curtain into a glass unit.
    But we are tight on bathroom space and bathroom budget money.
    What are some cost-effective options I can look at?

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    I recommend you check out a bath screen. I've installed these swinging glass partition units, and they are usually easier and less expensive to install than a full glass tub/shower door.

    Bath screens are about half the width of a standard tub/shower door and installed on the side where the shower valve and shower head are located. Basically, bath screens are a partial bathtub partition to contain splashing water under the showerhead area.

    These wall-hung bath screens can also swing in and out for easy entrance and cleaning. Since the inside tub/shower area remains partially open, you can also get the feeling of a little more open space in a small bathroom.

    So if you want a basic shower curtain upgrade, a new bath screen can be your window of opportunity.

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    I'm not comfortable in that tub shower. I still want to hide lol.

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