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Thread: Choosing a water-saving showerhead

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    Choosing a water-saving showerhead

    I have an older shower, and now it's time to install a new head.

    Keeping up with wanting to save water, I plan to install a new water-saving model.
    I'm looking for any tips for what to look for when choosing a new high-efficiency head?

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    First, look for a quality showerhead with a larger spray face so it feels like water is covering more body area.

    Next, see if the nozzles are easy to clean. Some flexible rubber-type spray nozzles can be cleaned easily with a flip of your thumb or fingernail.

    Finally, many high-efficiency heads may even use air-induction technology. Air-induction basically mixes air into the water spray to heighten the shower's sensory experience.

    Bottom line: Showering with a new highly efficient showerhead can also be highly enjoyable.

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